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性工作在昆士兰州并没有合法化,昆士兰的性工作受 1999 年《卖淫法》(昆士兰州)(昆士兰州法案)的监管,该法案建立了妓院许可框架,并为从事性工作的人制定了具体的罪行。

Section 229HC(1) of the QLD Code provides that a person who engages in prostitution through a business suspected on reasonable grounds of providing unlawful prostitution, commits a crime.  ‘Unlawful prostitution’ means prostitution by 2 or more prostitutes, other than at a licensed brothel in accordance with a brothel licence for that brothel.  

Section 229HB(1) of the QLD Code provides that a person who knowingly carries on the business of unlawful prostitution commits a crime.  A person ‘carries on a business’ by at least providing finance for the business and either taking part in the management of the business or control the business. [ QLD Code, s 229.]


基于此,91Uber APP 不在昆士兰州境内提供服务。

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